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Yachting News December Part 5

Dec 13, 2008 No Comments by

The first Flying Tiger 7.5 arrives in a rainy (shocking!) San Diego. The boat is getting put together to go sailing hopefully this weekend, with your (SA) Ed racing it new Year’s Day. Bob Pattison from Neil Pryde and Moose McClintock from Dimension-Polyant are racing the boat in Key West so that should be something […]

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Dec 05, 2008 6 Comments by

Winner “Into the Southern Ocean” by meteorologist Chris Tibbs 04 December 2008 Satellite picture – cold front [Chris Tibbs is a professional meteorologist and weather router, author of many sailing and weather handbooks and has 250,000 seagoing miles under his belt, including racing around the world three times. Chris has been working closely with Jonny […]

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Yachting News December 08

Dec 02, 2008 1 Comment by

Anyone know a story about this yacht? I wish I could collate the feelings and thoughts of that time because It is at this exact point that my life, work, dreams and most of all, Ambitions changed. I was totally aware of magnitude of the task and during years as a shipwright and wooden yacht […]

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Sailor Chicks

Nov 23, 2008 9 Comments by

Greetings yachties A small collection of sailor chicks here. If you have a sailor chick to add to the list, send it to Happy sailing PS Mermaids have their own thread here a few years earlier

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Mike Perham Solo World Challenge

Nov 21, 2008 9 Comments by

Mike said “The Needles was a great sight and one I had been looking forward to for a very long time. It is great to be home again and see so many people here to welcome me back. I feel very honoured.” Mike’s Mum, Heather said: “Seeing Mike after so many months is a really […]

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Yachting News November Part 3

Nov 20, 2008 No Comments by

What size anchor should I have? Anchors Always a great question to ask and watch the discussion fire up when you do. Anchor systems work in such a variable environment nobody can give you a direct size guide as such. NOTE: The following is meant as a guide only and is a bit generic. If […]

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Yachting News November Part 2

Nov 13, 2008 No Comments by

Jolly Boat update The really really long range forcast is excellant, moderate breeze, gentle swell, warm water, cold beer, nymphs etc If you need a place to crash Saturday night, no wurries, bring a sleeping bag, we will find you somewhere to bunk down. Or if you want something for yourself, a search on line […]

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Yachting News November 2008

Nov 04, 2008 1 Comment by

When you see Samantha Davies pottering about in a teeny pink bikini on her pink sailing boat, Roxy, and spritzing her cabin with perfume, it’s difficult to imagine her facing waves the size of houses, 80-mile-an-hour winds and nights without a second’s sleep. It’s hard to think of her sailing solo among icebergs, killer whales […]

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Louis Vuitton Pacific Series Part 1

Oct 15, 2008 11 Comments by

TEAMORIGIN ADVANCE TO QUARTER FINALS WITH A DECISIVE WIN OVER PATAUGAS K CHALLENGE LOUIS VUITTON PACIFIC SERIES: AUCKLAND TUES 10th FEB 2009 Today racing turned serious as the Challenger Sail-off round starts – a  ‘sudden death/knock out’ format comes into play where we will go from 8 teams in the competition to the final 3 […]

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Volvo 2008-2009 Part 1

Oct 12, 2008 1 Comment by

BIG WAVES, BIG ACTION “The depression in the South Atlantic has aligned itself perfectly to fire the fleet to Cape Town at record place,” promises Green Dragon’s skipper, Ian Walker/GBR. But the although the 24-hour record of 562.96 nautical miles currently held by ABN AMRO TWO could be broken, it is a question of which […]

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