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Yachting News 12th August 2012

Aug 17, 2012 No Comments by

Greetings yachties,

As you can see from my updates, the new day job is taking a bit of time from the puta, never the less, I’m keeping an eye on the going’s on of some Olympic highlights and a few wtf moments too 🙂

stop press

double bugger, the puta has turned pair shaped and is in hospital. Think it might be time for a new one. 4 years of producing yachtyakka has worn it out. oh dear, how sad, never mind. watch this space 🙂

Picked up the new box yesterday 🙂 and the builder starts later this week to rip the floor up! Nightmare

In this issue:

Laura Dekker arrives in NZ,

All-women’s team first to enter Volvo Ocean 2014-15 Race,

Zhik Nautica Moth Worlds 2012,

Go Yachting,

ETNZ – latest updates,

Laura Dekker,

boats on TV – latest issue here,

Scuttlebutt Europe – latest issue here,

Blair and Peter innerview on 3news here,

Sailors Blair Tuke and Peter Burling cemented themselves in history when they won New Zealand’s 100th medal and 10th of the Olympic Games – a silver medal in the 49er class.

Sail-World Australia – latest issue here,


Photo by Richard Gladwell

They returned with a fast run up the Rangitoto Channel, foiling perfectly and looking very stable. The crew work in the gybe looked very slick and the time through the gybe – foil to foil – was about the same speed as an 18fter crew would take wire to wire though the same manoeuvre.

 more here

follow the chatter on here

Guppy and Laura Dekker arrive in NZ

Photos by me 🙂

Welcome home folks

Edwin, Laura and Bean enjoying pancakes

Edwin and Laura at Marsden Cove Marina

Winds have been pretty variable yesterday and today. One moment we’ll be doing 5 knots and then other moments just 2 knots. Over the last few hours, it looks like the wind has picked up to stay, and on a close reach we’re sailing in the right direction again :p. Tranquility is still a little behind us in the same weather, but they are still motoring. They say a heavy boat like that doesn’t want to move with anything less than 15 knots… We had a pretty good night sleep followed by a cold, cloudy morning. Looking at the weather report for the coming days, it appears Guppy will have good southeast winds and I will slowly start to head south. We are now a little over halfway and I am more and more looking forward to steering Guppy into my birthplace of Whangarei.


more here

Welcome back girls! All-women’s team first to enter 2014-15 Race

The Volvo Ocean Race will feature an all-female team for the first time since 2001-02 after global hygiene and forest company SCA announced they would enter a women’s crew for the next edition in 2014-15.

‘The lack of women in the last few editions of the race has meant we haven’t been representing half the population of the human race’ – Knut Frostad, Volvo Ocean Race, CEO

The team, which will sail with an international crew, are the first to announce an entry for what will be the 12th edition of the race, starting from Alicante in the second half of 2014.

The all-female challengers are the first team to confirm an order for the new 65-foot one-design boat, details of which were announced by the race in June.

more here

There has been a big shift in understanding from the last blog to where we are now. Some things just didn’t fit into the high speed sailing forensics puzzle and we refused to neglect them. We had been constantly told how thin foils were the only way to go… and yet our big, ‘fat’, Mk1 foil had repeatedly hit over 50 knots. When we applied the theories and associated numbers that sent us down the path to superthin foils to the old Mk1 foil it showed that we would be very optimistic to even achieve 40 knots. It was obvious that something was wrong and that other options were open to us that needed to be explored. We withdrew from the outside world of expertise and chose to resolve the problem in house using our own small core design team. The fact is that you need to understand these problems very well yourself so that you can be in a position when dealing with outside expertise to ask A/ the right questions and B/ know the difference between bullshit and brilliance. I think it has taken us this long to achieve that status… and to be fair… we are yet to prove it. It has taken a long time but then this is an extremely complex problem of physics (as everyone keeps reminding us) and at the end of the day I’ll be strapping myself into the final exam paper submission.

So, where are we? Well for starters the new foil is going to be a lot smaller than the original foils.

more here

Scott Babbage thrashes opponents in 2012 Zhik Nautica Moth World Championships with three bullets on opening day

Posted on August 21, 2012 by pierre

The Australian sailor confirms his great form and leads the 125-strong fleet of Moths on Lake Garda with three bullets in three races with light conditions and a tricky course. These results show that his victory in last week’s Zhik Nautica Italian Moth Open was a clear indication of what was to come.

Campione del Garda, 20 August 2012: When asked earlier in the morning about what he considered to be his advantage over the rest of the fleet, Scott Babbage stated that he was consistent across the range from light to windy and that even if he didn’t win “very often” he would come on top… Yet, three hours later, the Australian sailor would thrash his opponents and score three bullets in the day’s three races. It was impossible to be more consistent than that.

With a record-setting 125 entries, organizers split the fleet into two groups that alternated on an inner and outer racing area. Getting the right start, ahead of pack, flying to the rocks and tacking under the layline first would practically guarantee a win in the inner course. The steep hills surrounding Lake Garda not only provide a stunning backdrop they also give more pressure to the breeze and the closer you sail, the more pressure you get. There was little tactical brainpower needed further into the race and the leader of the fleet at the first top mark that would avoid stupid mistakes would bag the win.

more here

San Francisco (USA,CA), 34th America’s Cup, America’s Cup World Series San Francisco 2012 Event One, Free training day 4, Luna Rossa Swordfish wing damagesz after capsize © ACEA 2012/ Photo Gilles Martin-Raget

more here

Dean Brenner, who has been Chairman of the U.S. Olympic Sailing Program for
eight years, is stepping down. The position has a two term limit, and his
successor Josh Adams is ready to take over September 1st. Scuttlebutt
editor Craig Leweck spoke to Dean last week about the progress of the team,
its failure to medal at the 2012 Games, and the future of the U.S. program.

* You began this position as a volunteer. How has it evolved?

Except for one instance, the job had always been a part-time volunteer
position. Those were the terms I accepted under in 2004, but we knew right
away that the world of Olympic sailing was becoming more professional, we
needed our sailors to be more full-time, and it is pretty hard to ask a
full-time sailor to be led by part-time leadership. So we were on this path
toward making my position full-time during my entire eight year term. I did
four years of part-time volunteer, and four years in a part-time paid
position, and now my successor will be taking over as a full-time paid

* When looking at the progress of the program, there are two sides: the
sailor side and the administration side. Explain the progress on the later?

When I took over in 2004, our only staff was two administers (Gary Bodie
and Katie Kelly) and two coaches (Skip Whyte and Luther Carpenter). We
didn’t even have a Paralympic coach. Now we have a full-time staff of nine
(ten if you include me). I know people may view the growth on the
administrative side as costly, but the growth was a result of the workload,
and if you want to seek out volunteers to fill them, the talent pool
significantly shrinks.

* How important is team performance in terms of seeking team funding?

It is definitely important. I have been saying for eight years that results
matter, so it would be disingenuous for me to change that tune. So yes,
results matter, and I contend that our results for the last eight years
have in general been very good. They weren’t good at these Olympics, but
they have been good, and it is important to the funding.

more here

We left Tahiti at noon today after getting our last fresh food and saying goodbye to some friends we made in the three weeks we have spent in beautiful Tahiti. Jillian left this morning, after her original flight got cancelled because of airline strikes. Now she’s on a plane back to the States along with little Kiwi. So now it’s off to New Zealand. Right now there’s almost no wind and we’re passing Moorea at 2 knots with nice weather. I’m going to miss these beautiful islands. I’ve gotten more attached to them these last two years than I realized. It feels kind of strange now to leave these Pacific islands that I’ve come to know so well and try to settle in the place where I was born. It’s a place I know in my heart but just haven’t really seen with the eyes I’m looking with now. After these years sailing all over the world, I’m on my final trip to New Zealand. It’s strange but I’m also really looking forward to it. It’s so exciting!


more here


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