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Greetings yachties,

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Bruno got a little taste of what the conditions may be like on our upcoming passage to New Zealand. Yes, I’ve decided I can’t wait any longer to see New Zealand and so we are making Guppy ready for the voyage straight from Tahiti to Whangarei, the same place where I was born on my parents’ boat 16 years ago. I am so excited to be back after such a long time away. It’s not the best season to sail down, but it will be a nice challenge. I think I am looking forward to it a bit more than Bruno, but he is getting used to the idea. He is also excited to see New Zealand but wishes he could take a plane instead ;).

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Two NZ Olympic Sailing Crews ranked second

In front of their family and friends on the Nothe spectator course, Peter Burling and Blair Tuke have reclaimed their grasp on the Olympic 49er second place standing, while 470 women Jo Aleh and Olivia Powrie had similar performances to also be ranked second after their first day of racing.

After three races today for the fleet, 49er skiff sailors Peter and Blair have considerably closed the gap on the leading Australian boat, and given themselves a fifteen point buffer on the third placed Finnish team, scoring a seventh, second and then winning the final race of the day.

“It was really fun… good to finish the three races on a high going into the lay day, and with some good low scores” said Blair after sailing.

Just four races remain for the men’s 49er before the top ten competitors progress to the double point medal round. Blair continued “We’ve put ourselves in a good position but there’s still a lot more to do.”

Women’s 470 sailors Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie made a top start to their regatta, breaking away from the pack in the first race with one other boat, and finishing the race second. They followed it up with a solid seventh, and are scored second equal with the women’s team from Israel. It is still very early in the event for this team who have nine more races to sail.

Also in the 470, Paul Snow Hansen and Jason Saunders had two top five finishes, although a disqualification from yesterday’s first race due to a port/starboard incident with another competitor has lowered them to eighth overall. After completing one more race tomorrow, they will be eligible to discard that result as their worst score.

Both the NZ Finn (Dan Slater) and Star (Hamish Pepper and Jim Turner) have finished the opening series inside the top ten and after a rest day tomorrow, they will be progressing to Sunday’s medal race ranked ninth and eighth respectively.

Dan talked about going forward to the medal race: “I’m looking forward to racing… Raffa [Spanish competitor] and I have been training partners for years sailing at home and we’ve been match racing around the track so it’s kind of neat that the two of us get to bash it out even though it’s not really the position we wanted to be in.”

Sara Winther today had her two best ones to date, finishing races in ninth and eleventh in this extremely competitive fleet of 41 sailors.

Tomorrow, Saturday August 4th, the RS:X Boardsailing and Women’s Match Racing will resume, while it will be a rest day for the Finn, Star and 49er. There will be two races each for the 470’s, Laser, Laser Radial and RS:X, while the Women’s Match Racing crew will have just one.
Standings- Day 6 – August 3rd, 2012

2nd Peter Burling/Blair Tuke (49er) after 11 of 16 races (9, 7, 1, 7, 3, 5, 9, 11)

2nd Jo Aleh/Polly Powrie (470 W) after 2 of 11 races (2, 7)

6th JP Tobin (RS:X) after 6 of 11 races (15, 4, 3, 7, 8, 8)

8th Paul Snow Hansen/ Jason Saunders  (470 M) after four of 11 races (28DSQ, 3, 5, 4)

8th Hamish Pepper/ Jim Turner (Star) after 10 of 11 races (15, 7, 1, 13, 6, 5, 9, 8, 8, 9)

8th Women’s Match Racing- Round Robin: Four win, Six loss

9th Andrew Murdoch (Laser) after 8 of 11 races (12, 8, 17, 18, 1, 7, 13, 15)

9th Dan Slater (Finn) after 10 of 11 races (7, 12, 1, 6, 17, 11, 6, 15)

21st Sara Winther (Laser Radial) after 8 of 11 races (31, 23, 21, 15, 35, 31, 9, 11)

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Emirates Team New Zealand sailors Chris Ward, Jeremy Lomas, Glenn Ashby, Grant Dalton, Chris McAsey, Derek Saward, Dean Barker Rob Waddelll and Ray Davies aboard the teams first AC72 ready to go sailing for the first time in the Hauraki Gulf. 31/7/2012 Chris Cameron 2012

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First Sail

Photos by Chris Cameron

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Davies gives NZL2 thumbs up


With the relief of surviving the first day at sea behind them, Emirates Team New Zealand feel confident they can swiftly harness the power of their new rocketship.

Tactician Ray Davies admitted a feeling of relief ran through the team yesterday when the 22m catamaran, NZL2, finally went flying, 10 days after its launch. But the second wave of emotion was that handling this new breed of America’s Cup monster may not be as terrifying as it looks.

Waiting for light airs for its maiden sail, the world’s first AC72 performed to the team’s expectations, flying between Takapuna Beach and Tititiri Matangi twice during the four-hour trial.

“We got her up on one hull, whizzing around at 20 knots in 10 knots of breeze. She’s going to be pretty impressive in a serious breeze… and a bloody handful too,” Davies says.

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Kiwis gain despite tricky Olympic conditions

Day three of the London 2012 Olympic Sailing competition was as tricky as could be with the full works of weather conditions experienced and the Kiwis made gains.

Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, sailing the 49er high performance skiff, opened the day with a race win, clocking boat speeds of up to 20kn downwind.

“The breeze built a lot in the first race and we were a little bit over powered but the whole fleet was” said Peter after racing.

Amongst the chaos of wind, waves and tide, Peter and Blair followed up with a seventh place finish in the next race, and sit second overall after the first four races.

“We’re pretty happy and still have a few things we want to iron out for later on in the regatta” he continued.

JP Tobin opened his first Olympic regatta with a fifteenth and a fourth place finish in his two races, so currently sits ninth overall with eight races remaining before the medal round for the top ten competitors.

He commented on his races: “In the first one I just got a bit stuck really and just got a bit dictated to by the guys around me so but the second race changed that around and got into the leading group and once you’re in there it can be anything top five or so, you just got to get clear in this fleet.”

After their fifth race early this afternoon, the Finn and Star classes were able to discard their worst score to date.  Dan Slater’s fifth race was the one to be dropped, but he followed this up with an 11th, and is still 7th overall with four races remaining before the top ten progress to the double point medal race.

Hamish Pepper and Jim Turner improved their overall standing as they produced two good races (5th and 6th) and are now positioned eighth overall and only three points behind the fourth placed boat.

In the women’s match racing, Stephanie Hazard, Jenna Hansen and Susannah Pyatt continued with their consistent form, winning their first race and losing their second race against the only yet undefeated team- the Australians. At the half way mark of the round robin, they are ranked 6th equal. After the round robin finishes, the top eight crews will go through to the quarter final knock out.

Tomorrow (August 1st) will be the first day of racing for Paul Snow Hansen and Jason Saunders in the Men’s  470, and a rest day for the Finn and Star. The Women’s Match Racing continue with two more round robin matches, while the 49er, RS:X Men, Laser and Laser Radial have two more races each .

Standings- Day 3- July 31st 2012

2nd – Peter Burling/Blair Tuke (49er) – 9, 7, 1, 7

6th = Women’s Match Racing- Round Robin: Three win, Three loss

7th – Dan Slater (Finn) – 7, 12, 1, 6, 17, 11

8th – Hamish Pepper & Jim Turner (Star) – 15, 7, 1, 13, 6, 5

9th – JP Tobin (RS:X)-  15, 4

13th – Andrew Murdoch (Laser) – 12, 8, 17, 18

23rd – Sara Winther (Laser Radial)- 31, 23, 21, 15

For more information please contact
Kristine Lederis
+44 7 711 301 781

Half way through today’s sailing and the breeze is really filling in. Dan Slater just had an amazing race win in the Finn, he lead nearly the whole way and had 30 seconds on the next boat!

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Three chase boats containing designers, engineers, systems experts, boat builders and specialists accompanied the cat, intently watching its every move

The breeze in the outer harbour varied from zero to 8-10 knots and the sea was flat. Rain came in the squalls.

“It is good to get the first sail under our belt,” Grant Dalton said. “Overall the weather could have been better but the wind was ideal for a first sail. It’s what we had waited for.

Dalton said the day, while unspectacular, was productive. “We know more about the boat than we did this morning and that’s why we go testing.”

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photo by dalenz

ETNZ out for some tow testing on a rainy Monday afternoon in Auckland.

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Olympic Sailing Underway

Kiwis competing at the Sailing event of the London 2012 Olympic Games made a solid start in near perfect sailing conditions off the shores of Weymouth.

Winds of 12-18kn saw Finn sailor Dan Slater finish his first two races in seventh and eleventh place, leaving him in seventh place overall at the end of day one in this extremely competitive fleet of 24 boats.

“I’m sailing quite well but it’s just that 300m of off the start I have to sort. I couldn’t quite get out to sail where I wanted to go” Dan said after racing.

“It is what it is, and it’s the same for everyone” he continued. “You’re just trying to position yourself to get enough leverage; it’s about maximum gain for minimum risk. A couple guys took some big risks and it paid off, and a couple took big risks and got hammered for it.”

Hamish Pepper and Jim Turner had one of those experiences of getting caught on the wrong side of an early shift in the first race, which left them 15th in that race, and an improved second race where they finished seventh.

“There was a big wind shift to the left, probably about twenty degrees. Some people got it right, some people got it wrong. We got it wrong” Hamish said.

He continued: “Weymouth is still a tricky old place. Nothing is easy out there, in these conditions, it was a bit of a funny day with a trough line coming through”

The women’s match racing team of Stephanie Hazard, Jenna Hansen and Susannah Pyatt started the round robin well although had a nail biting finish to the first race. They lead nearly the entire race, only losing by the narrowest of margins on opposite end of the finish line to the Dutch team. They succeeded in winning their second match against Anna Kjellberg of Sweeden by a considerable margin.

“They had a really great start and some good speed” said their coach Caroline Brisebois. “It was good to see them come back and win that second race and by quite a ways too”.

With one win and one loss, there are still nine more races in the round robin for the NZ Women’s Match Racing crew, and the Finn and Star classes have eight remaining before the final double point medal race for the top ten ranked competitors are sailed on August 5th.

The 49er (Peter Burling and Blair Tuke), Laser (Andrew Murdoch) and Laser Radial (Sara Winther) had their practice race today, and will commence racing tomorrow. The RS:X and 470 events will begin later in the week.
Day 1 Standings- July 29th 2012

7th- Dan Slater (Finn) – 7, 12

13th- Hamish Pepper & Jim Turner (Star) – 15, 7

Women’s Match Racing- Round Robin: One win, One loss

For more information please contact
Kristine Lederis
+44 7 711 301 781

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