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Yachting News 7th September 2009

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Greetings yachties

Abby’s Blog


On the water Anarchy

Promise – Stewart 34



Maxi Yacht Rolex

Waka Report

Sailing ….. Have a go




captain abby

Abby Sunderland

We have all been really busy over here lately. My dad and I and a few other people went out to Newport, Rhode Island last week to look at an Open 40. The boat was great, but it needed more work than we have time or money to do. My dad is flying out to Nassau, Bahamas this evening to look at another Open 40. The one he’s going to see looks like it might work.

I have been sailing on a friend’s Open 50 a lot recently. I love the boat, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to sailing normal cruising boats! Hopefully, we’ll be able to buy a boat soon. I am really looking forward to begin working on the boat that will take me around the world.

Shoe City has come on board as a major sponsor. This will allow us to buy my boat and get it over here so I can begin working in earnest on knowing the boat inside and out Shoe City have been really great to work with, and thanks to them, things are really getting going. We are still looking for more sponsorships. If anyone is interested, they can contact my dad, Laurence, at

more here

Report from the wave face of Stewart34 Racing

What a great day for a yacht race.  Actually any day is good for a yacht race but this has to be one out of bag.  Driving down out of the hills from the west with the lights of Auckland city against a horizon that is turning orange under cloudless skies.  Another great thing is that at Westhaven on race day, everyone has a smile.    Fantastic.

Course 1 off to Little Barrier we go.  Shorthaul Div 1 and there are 3 boats starting. There are a few others to make up the numbers, about 150 entered this year, but when you sail a class boat they don’t really count, they just get in the way.  Funny how there are always races within a race…

Plan was to be at pin end in clear air for the start. Bit jammed up and some yelling going on, so we hang back and keep clear. Clean start, a little late but clear air.  Good kite set.  Where are the other 2?  Pelagian got away well.  They have about 50m on us, Pahi is a couple of boat lengths ahead and going to weather to get clear of us.  Follow?  No, too many boats have already gone high to clear their air, we are better in this gap we have found.  Stay in the tide and keep clear air is the plan, so we settle in for a long kite run.  Absolutely glorious sailing weather, 10-12kn south with maybe a touch of east. No clouds.  Pahi stick close to Rangi, great for us, less tide in there. we stick to the plan and stay out in tide….Inside or outside Tiri? More tide inside I think but bigger shadow on other side of the island?  Hmmm, coin toss, Pelagian is going inside, lets stay with Pahi on the outside.

Had to go below the ship that someone parked in our way 3/4 to Tiri, surprisingly small wind shadow thankfully.  Around Tiri we go, a bit shy to get there but still nothing in it between us and Pahi.  We stay low, looks like they are among two other boats, maybe a km to weather of us, (remember the ones that don’t really count but get in the way?).  We sail too low and Pahi make some gains,  hot it up a bit and we look better.  Keep sailing the angles is the call.  Cross Pahi about 100m ahead 4 or 5 miles from Little Barrier.  Looks like we might have to gybe, Pahi go deep and stay away from the island, we head to the beach.  Where is Pelagian?  Way west, bummer looks like he is out of our race.

As we approach the island the wind tends east as we expect.  We get through on starboard all the way.  Heading close to shore on the west side of the island, we see Pelagians big red spinnaker, wow this is going to be close, the resurrection kid has come back from the dead!.  Thats the trouble when you sail against preachers, they get help from a higher authority..


They get around the island ahead of us.  we follow on their line about 100m off the shore, some navigation checks for hidden rocks, head out a little more to deeper water.  Call to put genoa up just as the kite gets blown back against stay, quick helm down and away from island, kite is wrapping itself around forestay, further down with helm and gybe main, kite unwraps and fills, gybe main back and hoist genoa, drop kite and look over shoulder to see Pelagian also not having an easy time of it.

Both of us now two sailing on the wind.  I go high, so does Pelagian, Kurt calls” What is it with these boats, have they got magnets in them?”  After 40 odd miles and completely different courses we are back within a boat length of each other, and it is always this way.  We chase each other into the lee of the island, no wind, am I clear astern?  Only just, helm down and use some momentum to get out back into the breeze. We get into air a little sooner than Pelagian and are under way again.

Pahi were about 500m behind before we dropped our kite and further away from the island.  Now we have no idea where they are.  Coming out of the channel Pelagian gets into wind off the island and is climbing above us.  We put in a short tack to keep ahead, these boats are pigs to tack shorthanded with a no.1 genoa.  Can now see Pahi, maybe 500m astern. Pelagian heads off towards channel and we tack away towards Kawau.  Pahi do the same and off we go towards the beach.

Heading west and we get a huge knock with more breeze, way overpowered and Pahi are making gains. Try to flatten sail more and one of the blocks at base of the mast explodes, after finally get some outhaul back on we decide to put a tuck in the mainsail to see if it will help.  Our only winch handle for the mast mounted halyard winches takes a swim, so we decide to leave the main as is.  The knock persists, still blowing at 20 knots or so, Pahi have gained more, we tack, they carry on towards Kawau.  Little did we realise but this ends up being the defining moment of our race.

On port tack heading south, right direction but the sea state is horrible, not rough but confused and we are pounding straight into it. Every time Promise goes bang, the speedo decreases by a knot.  The sun sets then one of us (not me!) comes up with the brilliant idea that if we tack then we ride the sea better and if we go right in to the coast we might even get flat water.

Darkness, don’t know where anyone is, we came out of barrier we were ahead of most of our division and cant see any stern lights so we might be doing OK. Breeze slowly dropping.  Looking for Pahi in the moonlight all the time.  have given up on Pelagian.  Didnt see them tack towards the beach when it was light so they will either be way ahead or way behind.

Around the outside of Tiri and now on starboard towards Long Bay.  Breeze dropping more. We tack back and head towards Rangi light staying close to shore.  About 8 miles from home and the breeze drops completely.

We go from 0-5kn and back to 0 all the way home. Drifted across the finish semi-sideways at 3:30….time for a rum…

2nd Stewart by 30 minutes.  Another great race, bruised and beaten up, cold, hungry and exhausted.  Cant wait to do it again!

Still smiling and its Monday morning.  Thanks to Cameron and all involved for organising such a great event.  From the number of entries it seems the SSANZ series is more popular than ever.

Looking forward to a great summer of sailing. Gold cup, Southern 600  and the Stewart Wwindward Leewards are the agenda for Promise this year, bring em on…..Hmmm, perhaps I should do Wednesdays as well….






Hi all from BlackMatch,

Today we won the final of the St Moritz World Match Racing Tour Event in Switzerland, 2-1 against Australian Torvar Mirsky. This is the second win for Blackmatch this year on the tour and has given us a 12 point lead over Torvar Mirsky in the race to become the 2009 World Match Racing Champion. After topping the world rankings a fortnight ago it was great to justify it with a win here and we will send a full report of todays action asap.

David Swete





ETNZ/BlackMatch win St. Moritz Match Race 2009 ahead of the Mirsky Racing Team from Australia. Minoprio triumphed in the first to score two point final.

St. Moritz, Switzerland, 6 September 2009 – The last day of St. Moritz Match Race proved to be a tricky one for both the organisers and the competitors. The Northerly breeze was blowing very inconsistently, forcing the Race Committee to cancel many start procedures during the final series between Adam Minoprio (NZL, ETNZ/BlackMatch) and Torvar Mirsky (AUS, Mirsky Racing Team).
ETNZ/BlackMatch win in St Moritz. Image Loris von Siebenthal

The final race eventually took place in good conditions allowing the Kiwi sailor – number 1 in the ISAF world ranking and now once again leader of the Tour – to beat his Australian opponent and to grab the title of King of the Mountain 2009. The two previous races took place in a very light and shifty breeze.

The “counter-performer” of the day is Philippe Presti, who lost the “Petit” final to Ian Williams (GBR, Team Pindar). The French skipper was unsurprisingly quite disappointed by the outcome of the regatta. He was stalled at the start of the last race leaving Williams to sail away and never managed to get back into the race. Presti nevertheless left St. Moritz with a smile he seemed to have come to terms wth the disappointment of this last race.

Mathieu Richard (FRA, French Match Racing Team), King of the Mountain in 2008 wasn’t very happy either with his performance as he was eliminated before the quarter-finals.

Adam Minoprio, the winner of the title and new King of the Mountain joins a prestigious list of winners that includes Mark Mendelblatt (2003/2004), Ed Baird (2005), Paolo Cian (2006), Ian Williams (2007) and Mathieu Richard (2008).  Minoprio becomes the sixth different winner in six years to claim the trophy.

Minoprio also takes back the lead of the Tour leapfrogging Mathieu Richard to a 12 point lead over Torvar Mirsky who moves up to second place and dropping frenchman Mathieu Richard to third. The next event on the Tour is the Danish Open starting on the 10th September.

They said:

Christian Scherrer President of the Organising Committee: “I am really pleased with this event, the weather was great and it was a real pleasure to organise it although I am looking forward to racing again, it’s sometimes less tiring… The seventh edition of St. Moritz Match Race is a real success and it couldn’t have happened without our partners and sponsors, I want to thank them with all my heart.”

Adam Minoprio: “It was very difficult to get back into winning mode after loosing the second race of the finals that could have brought us the title. The guys did a great job considering how hard and irregular the conditions were. We managed to consolidate our lead during the last run of the final race, we are obviously very happy with this victory.”

Ian Williams: “We would have loved to make it to the Final and we are obviously disappointed. However, winning the Petit Final and finishing on the podium is a good thing. We needed a good night’s sleep to digest yesterday’s poor performance. We got back on the water full of motivation this morning which helped us a lot.”

more here


Adam Minoprio. Image Loris von Seibenthal




2009 Melges 32 North American Championship Underway

With Kilroy In The Lead

Sausalito, Calif. (September 6) – The first day of racing at the 2009 Melges 32 North American Championship, hosted by the Sausalito Yacht Club was nothing short of phenomenal. Absolutely gorgeous conditions prevailed as the International Melges 32 Class Association’s first intercontinental regatta got underway with three races at the top of Olympic Circle on San Francisco Bay.

Out front overall with a 4 point lead is John Kilroy (San Francisco, Calif.) on USA-13131 Samba Pa Ti over second place Don Jesberg (San Francisco, Calif.) on USA-162 Viva. In third, is Stephen Pugh (Sausalito, Calif.) on USA-158 Taboo.

Teams were treated to plentiful sunshine, a comfortable, breezy 15-20 knots and a steady course bearing of 195 degrees with a distance of 1.3 nm.

After a clean, fast start, race one delivered Pugh around the first weather mark in the lead, followed by Jim Swartz (Edgartown, Mass.) on USA-007 Q and Andy Lovell (New Orleans, La.) on USA-136 Rougarou. Lovell’s team, which also features his brother, Olympic medallist Johnny Lovell, looked good initially, however got a full dose of Melges 32 reality downwind as they fell off the pace struggling with their spinnaker. Kilroy, with Morgan Reeser acting as tactician blasted forward, just catching up to Swartz. Pugh held on to the top spot through the gate, but Kilroy wanted more. Pugh held on to the lead around the last weather mark of the race, Kilroy close behind. Downwind, Kilroy found a gear that no one else seemed to possess. He beat Pugh right at the line by less than a boat length. Swartz held on for third, Jesberg placed fourth and Philippe Kahn (San Francisco, Calif.) on USA-166 Pegasus 32 was fifth.

more here

melges32 blog

Maxi Yacht 2009 sans logo

Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy


September 6, 2009

Side by side there is an impressive quarter-kilometre. Bow to stern it stretches to one-kilometre. But perhaps the most impressive number is 43. The Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup has never done things by halves and this year is no exception. Organised for the twentieth time by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, the big boat event of the season has upped its numbers from last year in a period that has seen most numbers dropping. It is not a record fleet, falling three short of the 46 set in 2006, but that is a pedantic detail. Some of the finest sailors in the world are gathered in Porto Cervo to do battle over the next six days on some of the finest yachts built.

Racing starts tomorrow and the man in charge is Peter Craig, “no question this is an impressive fleet, not just in numbers but range of boats and quality of crew. We’ve got five starting groups and, whilst experience shows we’ll have competitive racing across the board, the standout group is probably the Mini Maxis.” With eight high-art exponents in the Racing Division and eleven in the Racing/Cruising Division this segment of the Maxi fleet is in rude health. The Mini Maxi Racing roster could occupy this release by itself. Niklas Zennstrom’s Ràn (GBR) (2009 Rolex Fastnet overall winner); Roger Sturgeon’s Rosebud (USA) (2007 Rolex Sydney Hobart overall winner) and Andy Soriano’s Alegre (GBR) (line honours winner – 2008 Rolex Middle Sea Race; 2009 Giraglia Rolex Cup) will be up against Hap Fauth’s Bella Mente (USA), current leader of the 2009 IMA Mediterranean Circuit; Alfa Romeo 3 the latest steed of Neville Crichton who has won here twice before; Patrizio Bertelli’s Luna Rossa (ITA) with Torben Grael and Robert Scheidt on the crew list; former Admiral’s Cup winner Udo Schutz with Container (GER), and Sir Peter Ogden’s jet-black Jethou (GBR).

more here


Photo credit: Rolex /   Carlo Borlenghi


2nd Best…

Hi Guys,

Have just come off the water and are enjoying prize-giving.
Will just post a quick report.
In the semis today we beat Jury 2-1 in a close shifty series. This put us in the finals against olympic gold medalist Anna Tunnicliffe.
In a shortened series we unfortunately lost the final and deciding race after an error in thr pre-start being over the line early. Going down 2-1 and finishing second.

The team is pretty gutted but once again sailed well all regatta and we are looking forward to the World Tour Event in Denmark starting on the 10th of September.

Full report will come soon.


WAKA Boys.



Monday 7 September – for immediate release

HSBC Premier Coastal Classic launches special race workshop

The HSBC Premier Coastal Classic, in association with Yachting New Zealand, has launched a special race workshop to help competitors excel in the 28th edition of The Great Race North, and raise funds for a great youth yachting initiative.

Supported by HSBC Premier and Yachting New Zealand, this two hour evening event will feature interviews and discussion with past winners representing a range of divisions and boat types. The workshop will include in-depth discussion on some of the difficult tactical decisions that skippers are faced with – from the critical passage between the startline and Tiritiri Matangi Island, to key decisions about whether to sail inside or outside the Hen and Chicks and Percy Island, as well as understanding what the wind is likely to do overnight, and how tides and wind patterns can affect your strategy within the Bay of Islands.

“Hundreds of people race to Russell in the HSBC Premier Coastal Classic each Labour Weekend, and every year the forces of nature challenge the fleet with a completely different set of conditions,” says HSBC CEO David Griffiths. “This event allows experienced and very successful sailors to share their knowledge of this terrific race.”

The $20 ticket price will go directly to Yachting New Zealand’s Sailing…Have a Go! programme.  Sailing…Have a Go! travels nationwide giving school children an opportunity to try sailing in a special, fun day programme, and encourages them to continue in the sport.

“Sailing…Have a Go! is a great initiative and we will support it by matching the Race Workshop entry fee with $20 of our own,” says David Griffiths.

All boat owners and crew are invited, but numbers are limited. Please RSVP with your name, boat name and email address, before Monday 5 October to or phone 09 300 6200.

The event will be held 6pm, Monday 12 October 2009, at L1, Yachting New Zealand, 85 Westhaven Drive.

Haveago Logo2


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