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Yachting News 24th September 2009

Sep 24, 2009 1 Comment by


Greetings yachties

Transat Mini 650 – Norbert Maibaum

Abby Sunderland,

World Match Racing Tour – Bermuda,

IBI News – Wally & Hermes,

Superyacht News – Dubai Show,

ISAF- Making Waves,

Groupama 3,

Melges 32,

TP52 Video Footage – AUDI Medcup Cartagena

Everybody flashback

Enjoy 🙂


Brainaid Reports from the Transat Mini650 Race

Moin Norbert,

ich habe ein paar Fragen von Steve Alloway aus Neuseeland, er betreibt
die Internet Seite mit aktuellen Segelnachrichten rund
um die Welt. Ich habe Steve geholfen, das Transat 6.50 und die Mini 6.50
ein wenig zu portraitieren. Das ganze kommt bei den Neuseelaendern gut
an und Steve bittet um ein Interview fuer seine Seite. Falls Du ein Logo
mit einem Link zu Deinem Blog in dem Interview platziert haben magst,
ist das bestimmt moeglich, maile einfach die Sachen mit…

Steve bedankt sich sehr fuer Deine Antworten.

Wenn Du eine kurze Geschichte zum Rennverlauf anhaengen moechtest, oder
sonst noch etwas hinzufuegen magst, gerne! Wenn Du ein paar Fotos
mitschicken kannst waere das Klasse.

Liebe Gruesse,

Hi Norbert,

You just finished leg 1 of the Transat 6.50, a single handed race from France to
Brazil on boats just 6.5m long. Congratulations!

The New Zealand yachting news site would like to ask
for an interview, there is great interest in the Mini 6.50 and the
Transat. yachtyakka thanks you for your time and comments!



What do you love about the mini650?

Its the possibility to do offshore racing. The circuit with qualification courses brings you on the way to learn a lot about your boat, wheater, staying offshore for days. After a couple of thousend of qualification miles the dream of the MINITRANSAT becomes reality.


What preparation have you done for this race and how long have you been
building up for it?

I was saving money for a couple of years. Then finally I bought the boat in 2006. First with training on the baltic sea. There real qualification I did in France in 2008, when I sailed 7000nm in races, but just 3900 count, because of Time elapsing or race abondens.

This took me 4 month in 2008, ended up with the SOLO race “Les Sables – Les Acores” (2 Legs with each 1200 nm singlehandes to the Acores Islands and back to Les Sables).


What is the attraction of sailing such a little yacht on the ocean by yourself with no outside contact for weather routing once the starting gun is fired?
If I am well prepaired I can count on my boat. The boat is made for it, I now it can handle 40+ knots upwind for 24 hours. (Les Sables – Les Acores 2008). I feel absolute safe with the boat.


This first leg was mostly down wind in 15-20 knots, how do you rest (sleep) with the kite up surfing down ocean swells?
If i have the kite up I dont sleep. For me at the moment the safety and material comes before finishing better. First of all: I want to finish!

The next leg is almost 3000 miles, what food do you take with you?
Freeze dried? Ready made home cooking?
Freeze dried and fruits for the beginning of the race (as long the are fresh, crackes, cookies, some chocolate…)


How do you mentally prepare for such a long trip in such a small boat?
Its my wish for a lot of years to do it. So, its always in my head and i am thinking for years to have this experience. And I have some good music with me.


How much study of the weather patterns have you done?
Not that much. For me is importent: I know where i have to go and I know I can handle all weather situations.

Are there any outstanding moments during leg 1 you would like to share?
I am very happy that I am doing what I am dreaming of a few years. For me its just that I take every minute and enjoy — even the day with some stomach problems…;-)


What plans do you have for the future? Open 60? Vendee Globe? Volvo?
Right after this race I will be back at my desk for my usual job. what I want do then I will see after I while… To do the T650 was a dream from me.

visit Norberts blog here


more mini 650 here

Yachtyakka Sailor Profile Brainaid here


Abby Sunderland


It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I have been training constantly on and off the water. Though we have been busy, it’s been great to have a good excuse to be able to skip a few classes to go sailing. I have really been enjoying it the training (mostly.. the running I could go without 🙂

Since there are a lot of new people following me, I thought I would give a little overview of every thing.

I am 15 years old, I will be 16 on October 19th. I am planning to sail around the world solo non–stop and unassisted and to set the record as the youngest ever to do so.

This trip has been a dream of mine since I was thirteen. We are getting very close to having everything fall into place to make it all happen, but as close as we are, we still don’t have enough funding to buy the boat. Although I didn’t start planning things very seriously until recently, preparations have been progressing amazingly fast.

more here

more teenage sailors here


more Volvo TV here


Stage 8 of the World Match Racing Tour

The Argo Group Gold Cup, sailed for the King Edward VII Gold Cup Trophy, is now stage 8 of the World Match Racing Tour, the International Sailing Federation match racing world championship. The Bermuda classic is the oldest match racing competition in the world for one-design yachts. The trophy presented to the winning team was originally given at the Tri-Centenary Regatta at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1907 by King Edward VII in commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of the first permanent settlement in America. C. Sherman Hoyt, a renowned American sailor, won the regatta and was presented with this now historic cup.

Through the years Bermuda has won the Cup twenty-one times, the United States seventeen times, New Zealand ten times, Australia five times, the United Kingdom three times, Sweden once and in 2002 Denmark claimed the King Edward VII Gold Cup for the first time. The 2006 winner was Ian Williams (UK) who defeated a fleet including the 2005 winner, Luna Rosa Skipper James Spithill, who in that year had shut out Russell Coutts’ incredible string of wins.  Mathieu Richard of France became the third consecutive first-time winner of the King Edward VII Gold Cup in 2007. In 2008 the cup went to Sweden’s Johnie Berntsson and his Berntsson Racing Team in the final 3-1 victory over Adam Minoprio’s Emirates Team New Zealand/BlackMatch Team.

The Argo Group Gold Cup is the ninth out of ten events on the 2009 World Match Racing Tour’s World Championship schedule. It is sailed in Hamilton Harbour adjacent to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. The venue brings world-class match racing close to shore where spectators can easily see the competition.

The twenty-four invited crews include eight official “World Tour Card” teams and two winners of qualifying events, the Knickerbocker Cup and the Bermuda National Match Race Championship. Teams will be divided into three groups of eight to sail a round robin elimination series Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The leading eight skippers go on to the Quarter and Semi Finals, to be sailed on Friday and Saturday respectively.

The finals take place on Sunday with the top two teams in a ‘first to three points’ head to head battle and the losing semi finalists in a ‘first to two points’ Petite Final. Between the second and third races, the course is taken over for the final race of the Renaissance Re Junior Gold Cup, which will have been underway simultaneously since Thursday in the Great Sound.

The King Edward VII Gold Cup was a founding member of the World Match Racing Tour. The tour is a series of international events. It has extensive television coverage and worldwide promotion. The one-hour television broadcast of the 2008 event appeared in November on Eurosport, ESPN, Versus Network, the Sky network and other regional broadcasters. This network reaches more than 300 million homes in 90 countries. An exciting summary video of all the tour events can be viewed at

latest news from the tour is here


Torvar Mirsky 2008 KE7 Gold Cup

Hamilton, Bermuda (September 23, 2009): Following the Danish Open, stage seven on the World Match Racing Tour, rankings going into the Argo Group Gold Cup in Bermuda (Oct. 6-11) have shifted slightly. Tovar Mirsky (AUS) moved up from second to first place on the leader board, Adam Minoprio (NZL) dropped to second, Peter Gilmour (AUS) now fourth has moved ahead of Ian Williams (GBR). Mathieu Richard (FRA) remains in third.

New ISAF rankings came out on September 16 with changes noted in that list also. Adam Minoprio remained on top, but Tovar Mirsky leapfrogged into second place. Mathieu Richard is third. Sebastian Col and Damien Iehl close out the top five at fourth and fifth. Ten of the top twelve skippers in the ISAF Open rankings will be racing in the Argo Group Gold Cup. Eight of these are the top eight on the World Tour.

Many of the twenty-four teams sailing for the King Edward VII Gold Cup Trophy will be arriving in Bermuda for early registration on Sunday October 4th and the first shot at practice on Monday before the three-group round robin phase of the event starts on Tuesday October 5th. Teams that register on Monday will practice later in the afternoon.

In the round-robin phase, each of the three groups will have eight teams. Royal Bermuda Yacht Club race organizers and WMRT officials divide the teams based on rankings and other performance factors. If all goes well with the wind and weather, the top two from each group and the top two in another ‘repecharge’ round-robin will move into the quarter finals on Friday.

Saturday the going gets tougher as the top four teams match off in the semi finals and the fifth through eighth place teams battle for rank in the bottom four rungs of the money list.

Sunday the petite finals come first, deciding third and fourth place between the losing semi finalists. Then the grand finale decides who takes first place, wins $50,000 and is the next champion of champions named on the King Edward VII Gold Cup Trophy. The other six skippers divide the remaining $30,000 of the $100,000 purse based on their position from third through eighth.

more here



Wally reveals joint venture with Hermès

By IBI Magazine

Monegasque luxury yacht builder Wally has teamed up with French fashion house Hermès to create WHY, Wally Hermès Yachts, and unveil a full-size model of its first creation.

The full-size model of the ‘revolutionary’ 58m (190ft) long, 38m (125ft) wide yacht will be presented at the operation’s Ancona shipyard on Italy’s Adriatic coast.

Based on a Norwegian Ramform hull, the 58X38 will offer ‘unparalleled living space’ including patios, an opening Venetian blind-style roof, a 25m (82ft) swimming pool and a 36m (118ft) aft deck beach.

Sustainability is another of WHY’s aims. The 58X38 has been developed to save up to 200 tonnes of diesel a year compared to a yacht of the same size and features 900m2 of thermo photovoltaic panels.

WHY is the result of a joint venture signed in 2008 aimed at ‘redefining’ motoryachting. Wally and Hermès are operating in an equal partnership with each company involved at every stage of design and conception.

The 58X38 will offer 3,400m2 of living space for up to 12 guests and 20 crew. She will have a 12kt cruising speed and a 14kt maximum speed.

“The WHY 58X38 yacht looks very unfamiliar but it remains on a human scale,” says Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director at Hermès.

Headquartered in Monaco, Wally builds motor and sailing yachts up to superyacht size.

Supplier of luxury clothes and lifestyle accessories, Hermès was founded in 1837 and is based in Paris.

(23 September 2009)

more here

more IBI news here


More SY builders sign up for Dubai show

Burger Boat Company, Trinity Yachts, and Westport are among the latest superyacht builders to confirm their presence in the new, dedicated, Superyacht Pavilion at next year’s Dubai International Boat Show. Back in July superyacht builder Amels also confirmed its place in the Pavilion.

“Westport’s participation reflects our long term view for continued growth in Dubai and the Middle East,” said Philip Purcell, vice president, Westport Yachts. “The Middle East is one of the most important regions in the world for the marine industry, and we have chosen the Dubai International Boat Show to bring the latest luxury yachts to our valued clients.”

Located within the heart of the shows exclusive luxury area, the Superyacht Pavilion will provide a dedicated platform for the world’s leading superyacht builders and shipyards to present their products and services to the regional and international high net worth individuals, Royalty and VIPs who attend the show.

The new Superyacht Promenade located within the Marina Display Area will also showcase some of the world’s most luxurious yachts.

“The Middle East is becoming an increasingly important market to us, and the Dubai International Boat Show provides us with excellent access to our customer base,” said Victor Caminada, marketing manager, Amels.

Around 400 boats of all sizes will be on display at next years event from March 9-13, 2010 at Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC)

more here

latest Superyacht news here


latest newsletter here


Fit for service!

Groupama 3
After spending seven weeks at the Multiplast yard, Groupama 3 is back in her home port of Lorient, Brittany. Serviced from top to bottom after 15,000 miles of sailing in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the maxi trimaran skippered by Franck Cammas will now be training off Lorient, in the build-up to the next record attempt. Indeed, from 1st November, the crew will be awaiting the right weather window to set off on their latest Jules Verne Trophy attempt, an award which has been in the hands of Bruno Peyron since 2005 with a time of 50 days and 16 hours.

more here


melges 32 worlds day one ph m ranchi (104)

melges 32 worlds day one ph m ranchi (77)


melges 32 worlds day one ph m ranchi (63)

melges 32 worlds day one ph m ranchi (135)

melges 32 worlds day one ph m ranchi (124)


more images here


The Melges Dynasty: Part Two

21 September 2009

As published by A Brush With Sail

The first part of our story, ‘The Melges Dynasty,’ introduced readers of ‘A Brush with Sail’ to the five generations of the Melges family who have lived in the United States of America since the mid 1800’s.

Although there cannot be many sailors world wide, who haven’t heard of Buddy Melges, or be aware of the brand ‘Melges’ in one-design yacht production, the amount of mail we have received since the August edition of ‘A Brush with Sail’ was published, has revealed how much Buddy is admired and how many people enjoyed learning of the very early years of the Melges family.

Around the world, on the coasts of continents and islands where sailors play, there is plenty of knowledge of the Melges 24, Melges 32 and the more recent, Audi Melges 20 sport boats. But in many places, far away from the United States of America, you can mention Melges A Scow, Melges E Scow, Melges X Boat and for your trouble, you’ll get a vacant stare.

I know this is true, because I have recently carried out a deliberate conversation amongst some young Kiwi sailors on this very topic. Many of them struggled to tell me where the lakes of the mid-west were, let alone what a Melges C Scow was!

I think that by far, the majority of sailing media stories in the US, are generated from the coastal locations of sailing and on a number of yachts basis, that’s fair enough. But on the other hand, the amount of sailing that takes place on the inland lakes of the mid-west of the US is not known to a lot of sailors outside the US, simply because media on the sport in that area, doesn’t make it internationally.

So, this month, we’ll get you right up to date with century 21 Melges and  the one design classes that bear the famous name and at the same time, for those of you a little mystified by the talk of inland lakes sailing, we’ll open your eyes to lake sailing, mid-west America style.

more here

Recchi In Charge At Audi Melges 32 World Championship

Porto Cervo, Italy (23 September) – The first day of racing at the Audi Melges 32 World Championship, hosted by Yacht Club Costa Smeralda was nothing short of spectacular, not to mention delivered no surprises. At the end of the day, topping the 30-boat fleet is Claudio Recchi on ITA-93 Team 93. In second overall is Joe Woods on GBR-500 Red and Pieter Taselaar on USA-169 Bliksem is seated third.

Racing commenced on time under partly cloudy skies and moderate breezes with the left side of the line strongly favored. Upwind, the right initially appeared to be productive, however the left proved to be the side that catapulted Woods with David Lenz calling the shots to the front of the pack, leading the charge by a nice margin. Rounding second was Giovanni Maspero on ITA-999 Joe Fly and Andrea Cecchetti on ITA-753 Bagua with Vasco Vascotto as tactician. Downwind, Woods poured on the speed placing him at the gate well ahead of the rest of the fleet and back out to the left for pressure. Recchi chased Woods back upwind, passing Maspero and Armando Guilietti helming ITA-1 Uka Uka Racing for Lorenzo Santini and Cecchetti. Woods won the first race by what seemed to be a mile, Recchi took second and Maspero third.

For the second race of the day, the breeze dropped off slightly as another course four was posted on the board at 060, with an approaching weather system off to the east for the start. Once more Woods look to have a nice start, as did Recchi and Vincenzo Onorato on ITA-2121 Mascalzone Latino with with tactician Adrian Stead at his side. Onorato got the upper hand upwind charging the mark in first, Recchi right on his heels in second, Cecchetti in third. Recchi took the lead almost instantly from Onorato. An amazing downwind drag race with Onorato placed Recchi at the gate first, then proceeded to extended his lead back upwind with Taselaar finding his way into the number two position. Onorato slipped back into third for the final downwind run to the finish. Recchi was first across the line, Taselaar settled for second and across the line in third was Onorato.

Looking to day two at the Audi Melges 32 World Championship in Porto Cervo, Italy, four points separate Recchi from Woods in the overall points standings with Taselaar only one point further back. In fourth is Stefano di Properizio on ITA-651 Mataran and in fifth is Cecchetti.

Results here




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