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Yachting News 30th August 2009

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Greetings yachties,

Mike Perham

Waka & Team Kiwi Match – Nickerbocker Cup

Marine Feuerstein

Laura Dekker

TV or TV on the Web

ishares cup

Istanbul – Europa Race

Wake boarding

Interview with Larry Ellison

more later 🙂



Thanks to everyone who turned up to see me arrive at Portsmouth! It was certainly a very special moment for me. I couldn’t believe the amount of people that lined the harbour walls, all the way along the bay! I heard the huge cheer as I held up the flares and was fit to burst with happiness, no one could take the smile off my face, that’s for sure!

I was careful not to do too much shouting off the boat this time, I didn’t want to lose my voice like I did on Thursday when I crossed the line, not good for the waiting TV crews now – it would have been like a silent movie!

I feel so very honoured by my reception, the flotilla of boats in the Solent with crews shouting messages of congratulations, as well as the thousands of people waiting at Gunwharf. Not to mention the army of photographers – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cameras in one place! I really do feel a sense of pride, and not just for me, but also for everyone who has really made this happen for me and made it such a special adventure. Without my mini-army of sponsors, especially,, Vocalink, Skechers, Kemp Sails, Mastervolt, Hill Dickinson, Underwriting Risk Services, and the High Group but to mention a few, none of this would have ever happened, full credit to them for believing in me and my family. They believed in our adventure and it’s thanks to their passion that we’ve got to the finish. Because it’s not just me doing this trip, it’s WE. The big team behind everything numbering hundreds of people and they’ve become more like family than just sponsors.

more here


Mike Perham storyon yachtyakka here




Nickerbocker Cup


3 days have been in the Nickerbocker Cup. We going well, finishing the round robin in 3rd place in light,fickle and tricky conditions. Today they started the second stage quarter finals which is a round robin with the top 6. We have won 3 and lost 1 so far and will progress through to the Semi Final tomorrow.

We have the boats going well and are happy with how we have been sailing. We are looking forward to tomorrow and hope to progress thought to the finals and have a crack at the trophy.

Cheers for the support and if you want to follow the results closer or checkout some photos the event site is here

Waka Boys

Waka blog here


photos Paula Davis



It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

We headed down to the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club for briefing this morning to see if there were any updates and to check out some of the action. Unfortunately due to the light breezes we have suffered this week time constraints have meant that the next stage of the event has been reduces to the top 6 only, which means it has just gotten even harder for us to qualify. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope some things go our way and let you all know as soon as we hear any updates.

SLAM Kiwi Match

Photo Andrea Watson


more photos here



J’ai ma ralingue qui se déglingue, ma cadène qui se promène…

Tel fut le refrain de ce mois de Juillet.

Pire qu ‘un coup de vent qui s’abat sans crier gare ou qu’un vent qui se dérobe à proximité des rochers, j’ai fait, au mois de Juillet, l’expérience des délais de livraison trop longs, des erreurs et des ruptures de stock.

Je ne compte pas le nombre de fois où j’ai prononcé le mot « ralingue » en pestant, jurant, riant et enfin pleurant. En effet, on m’avait assuré que la pièce était en stock et disponible fin Juin. C’était une bonne nouvelle. A chacun de mes appels, le délai enflait pour des raisons de logistique. Je n’en pouvais plus d’attendre, le planning devenait serré et je réfléchissais à aller chercher la ralingue en voiture. Jusqu’au jour où survint un improbable « on doit vérifier si on l’a encore en stock ». La seule réponse acceptable était « oui » puisque la pièce était réservée, commandée. J’eu pourtant à me départir d’ un « non, elle ne sera pas disponible avant la semaine prochaine ». Je ne pouvais donc pas courir l’Open Navi-Ouest avec cette nouvelle ralingue et cela m’obligeait à la changer sur la zone technique de Port Bourgenay, en pleine préparation de la Transgascogne. J’en pris mon parti. D’autant qu’au départ de l’Open Navi-Ouest , l’heureuse nouvelle arriva enfin: la fameuse ralingue était arrivée à Rochefort !!!

more here



Mr Dekker squeezed past television cameras and journalists to hear the court’s decision — an experience that he described as more gruelling “than a heavy storm in the Atlantic”. Laura was not present. According to her lawyer, she was out sailing.

Later, interviewed on television, she said that she had stayed away deliberately. “All the media are horrible — I was happy not to be there.”

She added that she was pleased the court did not ban her trip outright, but was apprehensive about their imposed conditions. “A child psychologist will be looking over my father’s shoulder and telling people what I’m like,” she said.

Appearing poised and confident, Laura countered criticisms that it would be unhealthy to be alone for that length of time. “The longest stretch I will be at sea is three weeks, and when I stop I will have so much contact with people in different places,” she said. For now, though, her plans are to return to school and await the psychologist’s verdict.

more here

more Laura Dekker here


Are you switching your TV viewing to the Web?

A new venture, described as the country’s first internet TV network, is aiming to attract 100,000 regular viewers a month to its portfolio of specialist local and international channels.

Ziln, the brainchild of two local technology companies specialising in online broadcasting – e-cast and NetsideTV – is starting today with a lineup of seven New Zealand channels playing scheduled and “video on demand” programming, plus 14 international news and business channels streaming live.

Have you changed your media habits? Are you spending more leisure time on the web than watching live TV? Do you see your viewing shifting to the computer?

more here


Sailing the Northwest Passage: Ice floes and Inuit culture


By Cameron Dueck

Cameron Dueck will be reporting regularly for CNN on his team’s sailing expedition through the Northwest Passage and how climate change is affecting the region

Cambridge Bay, CANADA (CNN) — Climate change has taken a short break in the Arctic this summer, leaving Silent Sound to sail through some heavy ice as we steer her for home before winter sets in.
This year hasn’t seen the ‘big melt’ that many predicted at the beginning of the season.

This year hasn’t seen the ‘big melt’ that many predicted at the beginning of the season.
more photos »

Early predictions that 2009 would be another big melt are being proven wrong. Ice conditions have been heavier this summer than they were in 2007 and 2008.

Along with a slower melt, the disappearance of large amounts of first year ice in seasons past makes it easier for older ice to move south, clogging up the straits and waterways that make up the Northwest Passage.

We have just left Cambridge Bay, which marks the halfway point for our expedition. We have sailed some 4,700 nautical miles, and we have more than 4,000 left to go. But the second half promises to be tougher than the first as heavy ice blocks our progress in Victoria Strait and Franklin Strait.

Silent Sound is now entering the treacherous waters that stopped so many European explorers in the past. We are nearing King William Island, where on Victory Point in 1845 Sir John Franklin’s men left their last note in a cairn before stumbling on through the snow, eventually succumbing to cannibalism and a cold and miserable death.

more here




latest video action here



Live tracking to follow the race here



Photo: Bob Grieser/BMW Oracle Racing

Larry Ellison (right) schools Harrison Ford on some of the basics of sailing at twice the windspeed.

Interviews with Larry Ellison are not scheduled affairs. At least for members of the sailing press. When our paths cross, however, he’s usually more than happy to share his thoughts. Such was the case today when myself, Bernie Wilson of the Associated Press, and Larry Edwards of 48 North went down to the dock hoping to snare a sound bite from Harrison Ford, the VIP of VIPs at today’s BMW Oracle Racing shindig. I had my question all prepared, “So, Mr. Ford, how does this rocketship compare to the Millennium Falcon?” Unfortunately, Mr. Ford had already split for parts unknown. Or he was hiding beneath the floorboards waiting for the pesky press to get bored and split. Either way, it was time for Plan B. Larry was there; he had to walk past us to get to the party; would he spare a few minutes? Of course he would. What follows is a transcript of our 10-minute conversation.

How was the sailing today?
It was great. We got up to about 31 knots, which was fine, in about 16 knots of breeze.

How did Harrison enjoy it?
I think he really enjoyed it. He said it was one of the best days of his life. Now maybe that was an exaggeration. But it’s an awful lot of fun sailing that boat.

How much time have you spent sailing this boat?
I’ve been out here several times; I’ve driven a bit. Jimmy [Spithill] just said if I come back more regularly he’ll let me drive a lot, so I’m coming back [laughs]. As long as Jimmy stays close.

We heard you had a guy go overboard today?
Yes. There’s a mesh around the bow that’s much looser than the main mesh and it just tore loose. It’s a retractable mesh and the part that retracts, he went right through and Jimmy decided not to run him over [laughs]. That’s why it’s good to have a good helmsman.

It speaks to what Jimmy was saying earlier about safety being his No. 1 priority.
You pay a lot of attention, everything’s happening much faster on this boat. You hit somebody with the rudder going 30 knots and that’s it. That’s it.

But he seemed OK?
Yeah he’s fine, we didn’t hit him. Keep in mind, on the bow, how close he is to the center of our hull. We’ve just got to make sure we keep the boat straight and keep him going by. We can’t turn at all.

Was there a mechanical failure? Did he step in the wrong place?
No, the mesh pulled off.

Are you happy overall with where you are, six months out, knowing you’ve got to put an engine on?
That’s not a problem. It’s a problem because there’s a bunch of grinders who are going to lose their jobs and I don’t think it’s right. It’s not tradition. But if those are the rules, we’re perfectly happy. We can be competitive with water ballast and an engine and everything else. That’s not the part we’re worried about. We’re just worried about Alinghi being able to change the rules up to a minute before the race starts. I don’t understand how that could possibly work. Plus we understand that Alinghi is going to control the jury and the on-water umpires. So in other words, we can win if they let us…if they decide not to disqualify us. But as of right now we’re going to end up back in court because I don’t understand how they can change the rules right up to before the race starts. But even worse, if they control the umpires on the water and they control the jury, they can, you know, give us 10 penalties, give us 10 more circles.

When you challenged for this Cup, you did so because Alinghi drafted a protocol with the Club Náutico Español de Vela that you didn’t feel was fair…
Alinghi’s been trying to get this deal all along. They want to control the jury, they want to control the umpires on the water. If I control the jury I can win the America’s Cup a million times in a row, if I can control the jury and the umpires on the water.

When you challenged, you did so hoping you’d get a fair America’s Cup competition…
We’re not done yet. We’re gong to be back in court. We don’t think Alinghi should be able to control the umpires and the jury, do you? Have you ever heard of a sports event where the umpires work for one team. Name a sporting event where one team controls the referees and the umpires.

I can’t think of one, but the America’s Cup has always had that unique aspect, where the defender organizes the event…
Look at in New Zealand? No one’s tried to do what Ernesto’s tried to do. This guy is unbelievable.

more here


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