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YachtYakkaTV: ISAF World Match Racing

Mar 07, 2009 4 Comments by

Greetings Yachties, nothing but match racing, Enjoy

Minoprio wins the first Marseille International Match Race

The New Zealander Minoprio wins the first Marseille International Match Race World Match Racing Tour.

We were expecting 15 knots, but in the end, after a long wait, the first flights of the final stages of the Marseille International Match Race started with only 6 knots, light conditions for a championship final!

Two Frenchmen, Iehl and Richard, had qualified for the semis, but unfortunately Damien Iehl didn’t win a single match today, despite looking unbeatable in the previous rounds.

Mathieu Richard saved French honour by beating the young Mirsky : he represented the French match racing team in the final.

A look at the semis

Minoprio / Iehl

The New-Zealander knocked Damien Iehl out with apparent ease.  In the first flight he led from beginning to end.  In the second, despite a good start by Iehl, eager to get his revenge, a tactical error by the Frenchman left him stuck and gave the place in the final to the Kiwi.

Mirsky / Richard

As usual, Mirsky set the tone from the start.  He immediately took control and the lead in the first match.

The second flight might have gone the same way, if it weren’t for a penalty which allowed Mathieu Richard to get ahead and equalise.

In the third and final flight, the Frenchman, despite a slightly slower start, came back and won his place in the final.


3 flights were necessary to decide between Adam Minoprio (10th) and Mathieu Richard (World 3rd ) in the final.

After two flights it was one each, but Minoprio won the play-off and the MIMR, despite some great actions by Mathieu Richard (winner of the 2008 MIMR)


with Adam Minoprio, Winner of the Marseille International Match Race,

First of 10 stages of the World Match Racing Tour 2009

This is a really unexpected victory!  This is our first time in the MIMR, in Marseille.

The best in the world were here, and our wins in the Round Robin against current World Champion Ian Williams and Ed Baird (Alinghi helmsman) in the quarter finals gave us confidence.  We started today without any pressure, as we had already reached our objective.

We are really happy and proud!


with  Mathieu Richard, 2nd  in the  Marseille international Match Race,

We fought to the bitter end against the best skippers in the world.  The result in this first event of the season is very positive.

We are satisfied with our performance in this first stage of the World Match Race Tour in France!

Final Ranking


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Adam Minoprio



Mathieu Richard



Torvar Mirsky



Damien Iehl



Ed Baird



Sébastien Col



Paolo Cian



Ian Williams



Philippe Presti



Ian Ainslie



Pierre-Antoine Morvan



Bjorn Hansen


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