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Optimist to Turkey

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New Zealand Yachting Trust Optimist Worlds Team 2008



















Worlds Report from Cesme – Final Day

There was a lot of relief in the kiwi camp to find that there was some expected Cesme breeze of 15 knots and rising. The race committee had made the decision to start early at 1030 and they got the racing away on time. They managed to complete all three races to complete the full championship within the time limit much to the relief of all the kiwis who were keen to get an extra drop. Shortly after the start of the 2nd race the breeze had built to about 18-20 knots. There was no spectator boat for the supporters today so there is no race description.

Final Day Races


Sam Mackay had a 30, 13 and 5 to finish overall on 19th our highest kiwi.


Andrew McKenzie had a 8, 20 and 10 to finish 22nd overall.


Logan Dunning-Beck had a 54, 15 and 3 to finish 58th overall.


Erica Dawson had a 41, 39 and 48 to finish 76th overall.


Naomi Mannering had a 19, 35 and 34 to finish 88th overall.





Regatta website is











Worlds Report from Cesme – Day 1

Day 1 of the Worlds finally arrived after a few days acclimatization and training. Practice Race yesterday was the usual shambles so no further report on that. Racing got underway on time at midday. There are 3 flights for each race, 250 entries so about 84 boats on a start line

Race 1 Flight 1- Erica

Northwest 15 knots moderate sea and a nice wind generated chop. No real swell. Erica made the top mark about 32nd. She managed to overtake a couple on the reach and a few more downwind. She held her own on the final beat to finish 23rd. Top boats in this fleet came from China, Italy and Germany.

Race 1 Flight 2 – Naomi and Andrew

Breeze picked up slightly to about 16-17 knots and held steady at that for the race. At the top mark it was Norway, Argentina then Japan. By the finish the top 3 places went to Norway, US Virgin Islands and Denmark. The Turkish girl has also looked pretty quick finishing 5th. Andrew was about 21st and Naomi about 24th at the top mark. By the finish they had worked their way up the final beat to Andrew 17th and Naomi 21st.

Race 1 Flight 3 – Sam and Logan

This was the best Kiwi race of the day. Sam was 3rd at the top mark, passed both in front to lead by the wing mark. Logan was 4th by the wing mark. There was a lot of tacking by the German up the last beat covering Logan who had worked his way into 2nd. This covering allowed China to slip into a close 2nd ahead of Logan 3rd. Sam finished 5th.

Race 2 Flight 1 – Naomi

The breeze continued to build to about 18 knots. Naomi said she had a shocking start but had worked up to 12th at the top mark. On the final beat she was very happy with her speed and worked her way up to 7th. Puerto Rico 1st Singapore 2nd and Norway 3rd.

Race 2 Flight 2 – Sam and Erica

At the top mark Erica was about 21st and Sam right on her tail in 22nd. They both made good ground on the downwind and finished Sam 9th and Erica 10th. Puerto 1st Belg 2nd Norway 3rd.

Race 2 Flight 3 – Andrew and Logan

This was another good race for the Kiwis. Andrew with a good start was 4th around the wing mark and Logan 10th. The German had a big lead at the

top mark but was run down by the Brazilian on the reach. Again the German sailed well upwind to win the race from Brazil then Singapore. Andrew finished 4th and Logan 5th.

Team Summary – a good keeper day for the kiwis. A good shakedown for the first day of a long regatta. 3 races are scheduled for tomorrow and the forecast is for similar breeze maybe slightly less and similar direction.

Update: Logan has ended up being scored OCS for his first race when he was well into the 2nd row. He rounded up some witnesses protested his OCS but was unfortunately unsuccessful.

Regatta website is



Worlds Report from Cesme – Day 2

The breeze was 15 knots and steady with a short chop. There was a delayed start for an hour because the race committee decided it was a bit shifty (20-30 degrees) to send the sailors out.

Race 3 Flight 1 – Sam

At the top mark Sam was 17th with Italy, Finland and Puerto Rico the top 3. Sam made immediate inroads on the reach staying high and took 3-4 places in the first 200m. He worked his way up to 9th by the finish. The race was won by Puerto Rico, Denmark, Netherlands and another Puerto Rican in 4th. The Caribbean sailors really seem to relish these breezes.

Race 3 Flight 2 – Naomi and Logan

Naomi and Logan both worked the middle left. The left hand side of the course was getting pretty close to the shore with a bit more west in the breeze than yesterday. Nearing the top mark Logan looked to be in the top 3 but a last minute swing back cost him a few places to 8th at the top but benefited Naomi who rounded 16th. The German was 5th at the top mark but went on to win the race. Both Logan and Naomi went low on the reach making gains for Logan 7th and Naomi 8th at the wing. On the last beat Logan kept being bounced to left hand layline by about 4 different boats and Naomi was a bit clearer in the middle. The German won his 3rd race in a row with Spain 2nd and Denmark 3rd Puerto Rico 4th Naomi 5th and Logan 9th.

Race 3 Flight 3 – Erica and Andrew

We couldn’t see the first leg but by the wing mark Erica was 5th and after a 720 for a Rule 42 infringement Andrew was 26th. This race was won by Singapore with Bermuda 2nd and Dutch Antilles 3rd, US Virgin Islands 4th, Ecuador 5th and Erica 6th. Andrew made good gains upwind to finish 17th.

Race 4 Flight 1 – Logan

The breeze increased to 18-20knots. The German had a good 50m lead at the top mark from Netherlands and Australia. Logan overlayed the top mark on port, rounded 20th, hit the mark and did his turn. By the 2nd beat the breeze had dropped to about 15 knots again and Puerto Rico overtook the German to win with Netherlands 3rd. Logan finished 11th.

Race 4 Flight 2 – Andrew and Sam

This race started in 16 knots. Andrew was 10th at the top. Sam got caught in a bit of carnage, hit the mark and did a turn. He came out of that 16th. By the finish Andrew was 12th and Sam 16th. Many of the Optis had to sail around a superyacht on their last beat who decided to go a bit close.

Race 4 Flight 3 – Naomi and Erica

2 Norway boats were first and second at the top mark. At the wing Naomi was 18th and Erica about 35th. On the beat to the finish the breeze built again to 20+ knots and Naomi climbed up to 17th and Erica held on to finish 30th.

Race 5 Flight 1 – Andrew

The breeze kicked in further to 20-25 knots. Andrew got to top mark in 5th position, hit the mark, did a very quick turn and lost no places. He went on to have a great reach, run and last beat finishing 3rd behinds Netherlands and Argentina.

Race 5 Flight 2 – Logan and Erica

A big delay of 45 mins due to dragging start line marks. The breeze backed off to about 20 knots. Logan rounded in 7th. The Antilles and Polish boats had a good 100m lead. Logan quickly dragged a few places in with a good reach. He had a good attacking position and finished a close 3rd. Erica was back in mid fleet for much of this race and finished with a 38th.

Race 5 Flight 3 – Naomi and Sam

The breeze stayed around 20 knots for the first beat with Sam 8th around the wing and Naomi was 24th at this point. On the last beat of the day the breeze backed off to 16-17 knots and the race finished at 6:15pm. Sam scored a 7th and Naomi had a great beat to get back up to 11th.

Latest: Logan was another OCS in Race 4.

Forecast for tomorrow NNW 8-12knts building rapidly to 14-20knots.

Regatta website is


Worlds Report from Cesme – Day 3

The boats were held ashore for light winds and the first race got underway at 1:50pm.

Race 6 Flight 1 – Logan and Andrew

At the start of the race we had 5 knots with a slight sea. There was a right favoured track and Andrew and Logan both came in from the left. Logan was 19th at the top and Andrew was 49th. At the finish Logan was 18th and Andrew was 46th. Greece 1st, Australia 2nd, Peru 3rd and Japan 4th. The light conditions definitely appeared to be mixing the results up a bit.

Race 6 Flight 2 – Sam

There was a bit more breeze from the right and Sam also came in from the left. At the top he was 42. By the end of the race he had worked his way up to 25th. Winner was a different German from usual with Thailand 2nd and Argentina 3rd.

Race 6 Flight 3 – Erica and Naomi

The breeze was a max of 5-8 knots. Greece was first around the top, Chile 2nd, Thailand 3rd. Again the left hand side was poor where Erica came around 25th and Naomi was around 70. At the finish Erica was 23rd and Naomi 51st. Chile passed the Greek to win, Singapore 3rd and the Thai slipped to 6th.

Race 7 Flight 1 – Logan

8-10 knots – still shifty. Right hand continues to pay at the top of the course.

At the top mark we had Logan again coming from the left at 25th waiting for the left hand sea breeze that doesn’t seem to be there. Nicky Barnes from US Virgin Is was first at the top and continued on to win the race with France 2nd and Germany 3rd and Turkey 4th. Logan read it well coming from the left and finished 7th. The top German finished in the 70’s..

Race 7 Flight 2 – Andrew and Erica

8-10 knots holding steady but still shifty. Same story again. The fleet likes the left as do ours and the top of the course pays right. With a bit more pressure. Andrew was 42nd at the top Erica 47. Erica hit the mark did a 360. Similar to Logan’s flight the left paid this time. Andrew finished 16th and Erica 24tt with Japan in 1st and 5th.Thailand 2nd Poland 3rd and Mexico 4th.

Race 7 Flight 3 – Naomi and Sam

At the wing mark Sam was 36th and Naomi 49th. By the end of the race the breeze had dropped to 2-3 knots with the boats finishing at 5:30 in the

afternoon. Belgium won with Croatia 2nd and South Africa 3rd. Naomi finished 50th and Sam 60th. Now they are lining up for their 3rd race of the day at 5:50pm.

Race 8 Flight 1 – Erica and Logan Flight 2 – Naomi Flight 3 – Sam and Andrew last finish at 7:30pm

The supporters’ charter boat had to return for an evening charter so we were unable to watch and provide detail on Race 8.

The results of Race 8 were:






The fleet racing regatta has now reached the halfway point. Tomorrow is the World Teams Racing Championship which you qualify for by being in the top 16 countries after Race 5 counting your best 4 sailors results and adding up all their individual Race scores without any drops.

The New Zealand team has qualified first.

The rankings are:

NZL-1 Puerto Rico-2 US Virgin Islands-3 Germany-4 Italy-5 France-6 Uruguay-7 Bermuda-8 Netherlands-9 Spain-10 Singapore-11

Switzerland-12 Sweden-13 Norway-14 Japan-15 Turkey-16

Interestingly this year countries like Peru and Argentina have failed to qualify. There are 55 countries at this regatta.

Regatta website is



World Teams Racing Report from Cesme

The Opti Teams Racing is 4 boats against 4. It can get confusing with the boats spread across the course but the goal is to get your 4 boats across the line in better positions in aggregate than the other team. It makes for very exciting viewing and each race lasts only about 10-15 minutes. It requires excellent communication and strong leadership is essential. One of the golden rules is to make sure you don’t end up in positions 7 and 8 at the finish as that guarantees a loss.

Race 1 NZL v Turkey

A clear strategy to send Erica out as a rabbit and leave the 3 boys to cover the Turks worked well. We quickly had control with a 1, 2, 4 while Sam worked on slowing the back 3 Turks. Sam copped a penalty downwind but the kiwi speed gave us a 123 and 8 for a first up win against the hosts.

Race 2 NZL v Uruguay

Uruguay proved to be a formidable opposition. We got a clean start and paced out in 5-10 knots. Andrew and Naomi and Logan were 1, 2, and 3 at the top. We had another penalty up the last beat but some good teams racing saw us battle it out for a 1, 2, 5 and 8 win.

Race 3 NZL v Singapore

Singapore got away to a pretty clean start and were quickly into a 1,2,3 by the top mark. They were comfortably able to fleet race us from here for our first loss.

Race 4 NZL v Denmark

Again Denmark had us by being 1, 2, and 3 at the top mark. From here we played catch up and got into a winning position but were the subject of some harsh judging. Denmark managed to sneak home so that was the end of our regatta.

The Final – Singapore v Puerto Rico

This was the best of 3 final. All the Kiwi supporters and sailors stayed behind to watch the most captivating entertainment ever seen in Opti Teams Racing. All 3 races followed a similar pattern. Puerto Rico would have 1, 2, and 3 by the top mark, they would hold that until the wing but at the bottom mark Singapore has managed to sneak a mark trap on the PR 3rd sailor. Up the last beat Singapore would normally establish a strong position by the most amazing and impressive teams racing tactics but in 2 out of 3 races Puerto Rico would just sneak back for the tiniest of wins. At this point we

realise just how far NZ has to go to get close to the skill of these other countries. We were however very pleased with how well they did do.

Regatta website is





Happy Sailing







Steve Alloway

































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